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    Easy and online. Barrister Link hosts all of your papers and communication, making the legal process simple.

    Barrister Link is an easy-to-use online platform where you can access the best legal minds to help represent your case. Covering all aspects of law, complete these essential details to start linking to the right barrister.

    Barrister Link


    Founded by Barristers Clerk, Paul Wright, Barrister Link has been built to help remove the complexities around finding and working with Barristers.

    Traditionally, Barristers belong to Chambers and are administered by clerks. As a clerk, Paul realised how difficult it was for people to access barristers and the extra costs that were passed on to them – so, Barrister Link was created to allow more people direct access to the legal expertise they need all online, whenever they needed it.


    Barrister Link makes it easier to find Barristers with the expertise you need, all that’s required are some basic details to get started.

    Your information and documents are all held online, so nothing can get lost and important details are in one place.

    Save Money

    Direct access to Barristers means you aren’t liable to pay additional fees for administration.

    All costs are clearly communicated with you and agreed upon before the legal process can proceed.


    All of your information is stored safely and securely and can only be accessed by you and the Barrister you choose to work on the case.

    Your privacy and integrity are always protected.

    Client Reviews…

    Proud to make access to quality legal representation easy.

    “The situation I was in was stressful to begin with. The legal process was something new to me. It was daunting and I felt a little helpless. Barrister Link made it much easier; I was able to find a great barrister and it made a complicated process simpler and easier to understand.”

    How it works

    Easy and online.

    Barrister Link hosts all of your papers and communication, making the legal process simple.


    Select a

    Complete the form with a few essential details.

    Our database will show you the best Barristers available and you can choose the right person to represent you.

    Upload your

    Securely add your papers to our online platform.

    You can work online with your chosen Barrister to supply the correct information they need, safely and in private.


    Work with your barrister to represent your case.

    Using Barrister Link your representative will have everything they need to fight
    for you for the best possible outcome.

    Or, if you just want to quickly speak to a Barrister…

    We understand that working with a Barrister can be daunting, so you can use Barrister Link to quickly set up a call with a Barrister to talk though your case and get some advice.

    Need some further help or advice?

    We’re always happy to answer any questions, offer independent advice about the legal process and point you in the right direction.